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Countries Accepting Syrian Refugees

US Admits 10,000 Syrians in 2016. Others Admit That in a Week............: After accepting just 1,700 Syrian refugees last year, the U.S. is boasting of hitting its goal of 10,000 in 2016 - while other countries host millions.

Small 9/11 Truth Victory Unknown to Most Americans: UK Man Won Case against BBC for 9/11 Cover Up AnonHQ

from the Guardian

Pope's Christmas Day homily condemns 'monstrous evil' fuelling refugee crisis

Francis praises generosity of countries accepting Syrian refugees, as archbishop of Westminster attacks domestic violence

Don´t just blame it on us Europeans only - Please give refuge for those which had to leave their home countries !!! Where can they go? Help Syrian Refugees today

from BBC News

Syrian war: Western countries to accept more refugees

UN asks West to accept more Syrian Refugees

Refugee crisis: Thousands of Icelanders offer to house displaced Syrians


PARIS - France - The EU is accepting millions more Islamic Syrian refugees into their countries, who may ultimately seal their own doom, as many ISIS fighters have already infiltrated the continent.

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Twenty-five governors say they don't want to accept Syrian refugees

President Obama said the United States will keeps its arms open to Syrian refugees, as Republican governors and presidential candidates around the country are trying to close the doors.

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5 practical ways you can help refugees, starting today

5 Practical Ways You Can Help Refugees Trying to Find Safety in Europe