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Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Bohemia. He urged the Council of Trent to approve Communion in Both kinds for German and Bohemia...

Charles V -Holy Roman emperor and king of Spain as Charles I. -He summoned the Diet of Worms and the Council of Trent. -He was a supporter of Catholicism.

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The Council of Trent and Their Relation to Martin Luther

Pius IV (1499-1565) (Pope 1559-1565) was the 3rd of four Medici popes, the most from any one family during the Renaissance. Although only distantly related to the other branches, his election meant that for a time in the 1560's (though from different branches) a Medici reigned as pope, Queen of France (Catherine de' Medici) and Duke of Florence (Cosimo I) all at the same time.