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Home Remedies to Stop Coughing Fast without Drugs!

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Curing with cocaine: The bizarre Victorian drug-laden 'remedies' for coughs, cancer and liver disease

An advert from 1912 claiming to offer treatment for female diseases and piles, which consisted mainly of cocoa butter

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Anti inflammatory diet foods recipes plan

Anti inflammatory diet foods recipes plan Foods that Fight Inflammation " of the best ways to quell inflammation lies not in the medicine cabinet, but in the refrigerator." Fatty fish, Olive oil, tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, oranges, cherries; nuts including almonds & walnuts; leafy greens. Latest anti-inflammatory diet news updated daily

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Cannabis, chloroform, morphine and alcohol -- all together in a delightful combination! Say goodbye to that nasty cough, and -- sweet dreams!

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Nerd Out On 25 Funny Pictures

Nerd Out On 26 Funny Pictures | They were that drugged up they couldn't feel their face never mind feel a cold :/

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Cannabis Cough Syrups ~ "Cannabis indica is one of the best additions to cough mixtures that we possess, as it quiets the tickling in the throat, and yet does not constipate or depress the system as does morphine." --- Practical Therapeutics (1895) By Hobart Hare"

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