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Cosmetic Contact Lenses


Eyedia Clearcolor Phantom Vial

Eyedia Clearcolor Phantom contacts offer the statement-making effects of cosmetic lenses with the vison-correcting benefits of normal varieties. This collection


[Fantasy RP] Your Character(s) Are the top mages in Tje valley and they find Kiyom in a room reading a classic age spell book, she seems to be having trouble with a fire spell. Does your character(s) laugh at her or help her?


It's All in the Eyes: 100 Beautiful Photo Manipulations - Envato Tuts+ Design & Illustration Article

from shutterpluslight

POLAROID 600 Spirit - Mary Kay

POLAROID Spirit 600 Mary Kay  Lens: 116mm f/11 Single-element With Close-up lens. Built-in electronic flash with override button. Shutter: electronic; range around 1/4 - 1/200 sec Exposure system: programmed automatic Black plastic body - Top part flips down to protect lens and controls This camera uses Polaroid 600 film and Impossible Project 600 film Camera Information: When most people talk about Polaroid cameras, they mean the popular and relatively cheap models of the 1980s and 1990s that used film packs with integral batteries that were designated the 600 series. The "instant" prints measure 79mm (3.1") square with a white border around them and take around 3 minutes to fully develop at 70°F (21°C). The film has an ISO rating of 640. The film was branded with several different names over the years, including "Extreme 600" and "Notepad". A high definition "professional" film named "779" could also be used with cameras from the 600 series. Some of the cameras had 'sonar' autofocus and/or featured glass lenses, but most had plastic lenses with a fixed focus of around 4 feet. A "close-up" lens was often included, but this took the form of a simple plastic meniscus that slid into place. Many of the models are functionally identical to others but have different coloured fascia, names and stickers according to marketing territory. Several models were limited editions with tie-ins to icons of popular culture, such as Barbie or the Spice Girls, while other versions were promotional items made for corporate entities and are now highly collectible thanks to their rarity. These models were an advance on the initial series in that they included a built-in automatic flash in similar straight-edged bodies. These models have a 116mm fixed-focus 1-element plastic lens and an exposure correction slider on the front. The basic model is the One Step Flash, which came with or without a close up (CU) lens. Many variants were made for international and promotional markets. Please note that our cameras have been fully tested and cleaned inside and out. All of our cameras have been pre-owned and therefore may have some cosmetic imperfections scuffs or marks. Any imperfections will not get in the way of making images! Cameras do not ship in their original packaging.  We try to post pictures of the exact camera you will receive. If you have a question about an individual camera please contact us and we will be happy to answer all your questions.


Aqua Colour Contact Lenses #eye #color #contacts You also can try this ☞ glimmer green contact lenses


Brown circle lenses & fashion contacts in alluring shades of beige, hazel, honey and caramel. Make your eyes sweet and cute with natural enlarging effect. Shop authentic lenses with Free Shipping to USA, Canada and Worldwide!