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Un fauteuil en carton ... design ?

The Re-Ply Recliner- made out of four layers of upcycled heavy-duty corrugated fiberboard cut, laminated, molded and folded into a shell. The triangluar base allows the chair to rock and recline. Designed by Dan Goldstein

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Cardboard Wall Mask Puzzle

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Frank Gehry, Wiggle side chair, 1972. Manufactured by Easy Edges, Inc., New York (corrugated cardboard, fiberboard,round timber) | 1970s - CONTEMPORARY

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Cardboard furniture is a furniture designed to be made from corrugated fiberboard, heavy paperboard, or fiber tubes. Recycling old pieces ...

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Corrugated Fiberboard House Makes Great Use of Waste Material

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Packaging of colour pencils which can be used as a pencil case. The idea was to create an object which would be small when closed, but which would give access to pencils and expose them all when open. It's ecological, as made of corrugated fiberboard. Its graphic design (two versions: geometric motif or cats) encourages children to use the surface of the pencil case for their drawings. Easy in use and cheap in production.

▶ Calligraphy Pages Pt. 3/4 Luca Barcellona | Francesca Biasetton - 2008 - Cola Pen (made out of a coke can!), ruling pens, markers, and a wonderful combined ABC with the calligraphers writing alternate red and black letters.

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Easy Edges Side Chair, 1972 by Frank O. Gehry (laminated corrugated cardboard, fiberboard)

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