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Linear Regression Foldable

A fun foldable to teach how to find the line of best fit, graph the line of best fit, find the correlation coefficient, graph a residual plot, and ...

Tracking our math homework trends. Finally made it to 100% homework completion. My middle school math students really enjoy tracking their progress as a group!


On correlation, causation, and the "real" cause of autism

This is what the parent of ANY type of Special Needs child wants to say to you when you blabber on about things you know NOTHING about. When they need qualified advice, they know where it get it. And guess what - it ain't you! Be kind, or be silent.


Correlation vs causation. For more see #nicolascage #graph #data

Scatter graphs - plotting from a table

What is a Scatter Graph?What is a Line of Best Fit?What is a Positive Correlation?What is a Negative Correlation?What is a No Correlation?What other types of Correlations are there?Do you agree or disagree with statements relating to correlations? - Perfect for discussing in groupsPlot your own scatter graph or make up your own and challenge a friend in class ...


Scatter Plots Lesson

This lesson provides you and the students an explanation of scatter plots and explanations of positive, negative, and no correlation. Then it also includes various controversial scenarios for students to graph data from and analyze. The scenarios are relevant to students and fun to discuss.