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Tomato & chorizo risotto

A truly easy weeknight dinner, this rice dish is like a simple paella or jambalaya - add broad beans or sweetcorn for extra colour

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Gluten-free chilli cornbread

Golden polenta and frozen sweetcorn make a deliciously different alternative to your regular loaf - best eaten fresh from the oven

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After many tries, I have finally perfected my recipe for grain-free sandwich bread. This bread stays together well, and works great for p...

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Steel popcorn popper, ideal for BBQs, chimineas or fire bowls.

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Lettuce wraps with bulgur filling

Healthy recipe from Beauty Bites: Healthy and vegan bulgur with chickpeas, corn and summer vegetables, wrapped for convinience in lettuce :D. Rich in fiber, iron and antioxidants. And super delicous

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Lughnasadh (Loo-NAHS-ah) is named for the Irish sun God, Lugh, and is usually looked upon as the first of the three Pagan harvest festivals. Lughnasadh is primarily a grain harvest, one in which corn, wheat, barley and grain products such as bread are prominently featured. Fruits and vegetables which ripen in late summer are also a part of the traditional feast.

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Greek lamb shanks with rice and lemon

Ottolenghi - lamb with rice, beef with barley, chicken with freekeh - ones to try when I get out of hospital

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Four braid love heart corn dolly

OMGosh my Granny used to make these - dearly wish I had asked her 'how' when I had the chance!

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Couscous with chorizo & chickpeas

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Peruvian toasted sweetcorn, avocado & quinoa salad

Try this vegetarian salad with protein-packed quinoa and protective carotenoids, a healthy choice for lunch or dinner.

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