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Corn Dolly

from Folksy

Four braid love heart corn dolly

OMGosh my Granny used to make these - dearly wish I had asked her 'how' when I had the chance!

from eBay

Lammas Corn Dolly. Handcrafted Corn Mother. Pagan Wiccan Wheat Altar Amulet

Three stalks of locally collected barley, tied together with rafia are used to represent the cutting down of John Barleycorn at Mabon. Description from I searched for this on


Sitting Field Mouse. A talisman of good fortune and a unique decoration for your home. A beautifully hand crafted corn dolly created by a genuine cottage industry in England. Lovingly woven from specially grown, and harvested, wheat straw. Made to a traditional, time-honoured design, their exact significance is shrouded in folklore and meanders from county to county across the country. Available at


How to make a corn dolly. Note: Wet the corn husks first so they don't break. Warm water until pliable. I usually use red yarn to tie things, but you can use corn husks too! :)


In Ireland and Scotland, the first farmer to finish the grain harvest made a corn dolly, representing the Cailleach (also called “the Carlin”), from the last sheaf of the crop. The figure would then be tossed into the field of a neighbor who had not yet finished bringing in their grain. The last farmer to finish had the responsibility to take in and care for the corn dolly for the next year, with the implication they’d have to feed and house the hag all winter. (McNeill)


Fat/ suet bird feeder project- corn dolly style - As featured in book: Willow Craft 10 Bird Feeder Projects