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Fall Lawn Tricks for a Killer Lawn in Spring!

Core Aeration provides the grass with H20 and O2 which helps develop new deeper roots and grass density.


Breathe new life into compacted soil with a core aeration. This will help air, water, and nutrients reach the root easily, giving you healthy green grass in time for Spring 🍂 Fall is a great time to schedule this in, since the grass is actively growing.

Step 'N Tilt Lawn Core Aerator 2 (All New 2013 Model) by Step 'N Tilt. $66.95. Faster and easier to use than other manual aerators. Simple step and tilt motions; no pulling action that causes back and shoulder aches. This 2013 model may be used with either 2 or 4 tines.. Aerate areas not accessible by motorized aerators. Designed for all kinds of soil including clay soil.. Patent pending design makes core aeration effortless and enjoyable. Ergonomic design, natural m...


Lewis Tools Core Aerator by Lewis Tools

Lewis Tools Core Aerator, #D6C

Core Aeration and Overseeding of a Healthy Lawn

Core aeration and why you need it. It’s been a scorcher! With record-breaking temperatures this summer and little rainfall, your lawn may be a bit parched, possibly suffering from drought stress and/or insect damage. Prepare it for next spring by completing fall core aeration.

After a dry, brown Summer, Fall is the ideal time to perform an annual core aeration. Not only does it help eliminate drought stress, it's also incredibly beneficial for the overall health of your lawn. Read why.

YouTube - overseeding with core aeration & compost

Lawn Care - Core Aeration Benefits