“ If you want to be original, be ready to be copied - Coco Chanel ♥♥ ” #beoriginal #cocochanel #quotes

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Yes. Everything we post she posts later. Get a got damn life. No one likes you, youre a white trash, beer drinking loser. Amen sista! Lmfao!

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#truth everything I pin you pin, everyone I follow u follow, every board I make you make, you ain't nothing but a crazy bitch!!!!

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Female entrepreneurs // success quotes // business tips // female empowerment // ambition // boss woman // girlboss

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It's actually really creepy how obsessed you are with me and my life! Not sure why you are so worried about me, my life ,my looks and what I do with it? But you seriously need to stop stalking, talking about me and trying to start drama with me and get a damn life of your own and leave me the hell alone you creepy cheap ass copy cat stalking fat bitch!

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Girls girls girls!! Don't ever copy! Be original! All copy cats do is burn bridges with people online. Compliment people! Let them know you think their stuff is amazing and you want to use it for inspiration! Use your own ideas! Create your own theme Use

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