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like this girl in my class that bought glasses almost exactly like mine -.- and people started to dye their hair red after my started to fade

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Ecstasy Models

“ If you want to be original, be ready to be copied - Coco Chanel ♥♥ ” #beoriginal #cocochanel #quotes

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Pin this shit again cuz b*tch don't know when to stop and get a life of her own without copying me and trying to be obsessed with all my shit, fuckin basic ass weirdo I swear hahaha

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#truth everything I pin you pin, everyone I follow u follow, every board I make you make, you ain't nothing but a crazy bitch!!!!

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Yes. Everything we post she posts later. Get a got damn life. No one likes you, youre a white trash, beer drinking loser. Amen sista! Lmfao!

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Why can't people just do their own thing? Don't cross the line between inspiration and total outright copying.

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