Pinterest • The world’s catalogue of ideas all time favorite television show and the one that changed the face of cop shows forever by utilizing an ensemble cast. kudos to kelsey grammer for bringing back daniel j. travanti in "boss."

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In pictures: 25 TV shows that defined the 1980s

1980s TV: Minder: Better not tell her in-doors

And what's ironic is that one of the girls MOTHER called the cops on them, AWARENESS people. #freethegirls

Hill Street Blues- best cop show of ALL TIME!.....Agree it was,,,;]

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1980s TV cop TJ Hooker to get big-screen outing

T.J. Hooker - (1982-85). Starring: William Shatner, Heather Locklear, Adrian Zmed, Richard Herd, Hal Williams and James Darren.

Happy Mondays (If not for the music then to at least ensure the cops show up)

Sonny Crocket. AKA Don Johnson - The 'Don Juan' of the 80s TV cop show #MiamiVice

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The 20 greatest TV cop shows of all time

The 20 greatest TV cop shows of all time | The Independent

Edward Woodward the Equalizer | The Equalizer (US - DVD R1)