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creepy yet totally cool computer mouse. I'd love to freak people out with this


5 Mind-Blowing Custom Computers You Never Knew Existed - Specs: Looking within the glowing desk, you'll find 10TB of storage and a Core i7 processor that can be overclocked to 4.5GHz+. Oh, and Peter says the entire thing is silent as a mouse thanks to its water-cooled system and 17 fans. Jeebus! Peter even tossed in a three-monitor set-up to make this thing a regular Batman command center. - TechEBlog

Gmail Infographic: Shortcuts, Tips And Tricks To Help You Handle Your Messages
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52 Shortcuts To Use Gmail Like A Pro

Gmail Infographic: Shortcuts, Tips And Tricks To Help You Handle Your Messages


Steampunk - The New York Times Style Slide Show Slide 7 of 12


Keyboard shortcuts are the essence of PC productivity. While newbs slowly mouse around their screens in search of buttons to click, seasoned tech vets hammer through a day’s work with ease thanks to a wealth of arcane hotkey combos that knock out useful tasks in seconds. Of course, every PC user knows a few handy shortcuts, and hardened system tweakers like yourself have forgotten more hotkeys than most users will ever learn. But here are 10 cool combos that even you might not know.


The 10 Coolest Windows Shortcuts You Never Knew About - Maximum PC

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5 Stylish Computer Mice for the Design Aficionado

Hippus Handshoe Mouse, the mouse that fits your hand "like a glove"


gStick: The Mouse You Hold Like a Pen, for PC's and Macs. by Gordon Alan Stewart — Kickstarter. gStick: Hold it like a pen, draw, sketch, create and mouse on a pad, fits in your pocket, is wireless and works for PC's and Macs. Although I'd probably end up losing it

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Cool looking mouse


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