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Quick Healthy Chicken Stew

This delicious, simple, healthy chicken stew can be on the table for a family of four in just one hour. Made from kitchen store cupboard basics, it’s a perfect one pot recipe to satisfy even the hungriest of mouths.

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Come DIRECTIONERS we can do this instead of playing flappy bird and cookie clicker

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Frost Dragon - found in the frozen caves atop the highest moutains or deep within glaciers, these dragons can cause global climate change

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Red Dragon - AqDragons - Adventure Quest Dragons - A Cookie Clicker collaboration game ...

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Shadow Dragon Growing stronger in the dark, these Dragons radiates emptiness like a fire gives off heat. Even the dimmest distant star offends their light-sensitive nature. Adventure Quest

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004 - Santa Claus, Handmade, Holidays, Christmas, Saint Nick, Decoration, Ornament, Glass, Circle Clicker, TT, CGGE

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Cookie Clicker [1920x1080]

Final Fantasy X...Tidus...loved the game play story wasnt as good as the usual ff games but still great :)

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