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Harry Potter inspired (minimalist) hand painted Converse/cheaper branded canvas shoe

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Aki szereti a kényelmes, laza viseletet, annak egy ilyen szett maga a tökély! És még a pulcsidat is nyugodtan a derekadra kötheted.

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Move Over Converse: Vans

Vans, the quintessential Los Angeles skate sneakers, have now officially crossed over into the mainstream thanks to countless fashion bloggers choosing them for both fashion form and comfort combined.

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Stairs in your retail shop can be difficult, how do you get people upstairs? How do you merchandise upstairs vs. downstairs? We love what Converse on Newbury Street does here to drive traffic. Not only is the traction on their stairs the same as the bottom of their shoes, but their super cool customization center upstairs is a huge draw. #retail #design #signage

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my 3 dollar yard sale investment! went from dirty converse to bright white again, to henna style slip-ons with a little elbow grease, sharpie and elastic!

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