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Continental Shelf Continental shelf Continental slope Continental slope Seamount Volcanic island Continental rise Abyssal plain mid-ocean ridge Rift valley.

This product is a project for students to create a diorama of Earth's oceans. It comes with written directions and rubric. This product is part of my Earth's Waters Unit Bundle. Buy the bundle, save time and money! This product has students explore the following main concepts and vocabulary:* Waves: crest, trough, wavelength, and wave height* Ocean floor: continental shelf, continental slope, abyssal plain, trenches, mid-ocean ridge, sea-mount, and volcanic island* Surface currents: wind…


This product includes Cornell notes, an activity, a PowerPoint on the lesson, and a mini quiz PowerPoint on the ocean floor features. This lesson is part of my Earth's Waters Unit Bundle. Buy the bundle, save time and money. This product includes the following main ideas/vocabulary:* continental shelf* continental slope* mid-ocean ridge* divergent boundaries* trenches* convergent boundaries* abyssal plain* seamount* volcanic islandsCheck out these Earth's Waters Unit…

The continental shelf is the natural extension of the continent as it descends to the deep oceanic floor (see diagram).

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