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Jurassic Period: 201 MYA-145 Mya); end of Triassic to beginning of Cretaceous; middle period of Mesozoic Era; age of reptiles; start of period marked by Triassic-Jurassic extinction event; supercontinent Pangaea beginning to rift into 2 landmasses, Laurasia and Gondwana; created more coastlines and shifted continental climate from dry to humid; many arid deserts replaced by lush rain forests

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Details about Continental drift and climate change stamps, B.A.T, 1982, SG ref: 103-108, MNH


Climate of the World: India - Weather UK -

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Climate Causes Lesson with Power Point, Worksheet, and Vocabulary Page

This presentation and work sheets goes over why regions have different climates. I have used this in late elementary through middle school ages. Key Terms Include: climate temperature latitude altitude polar temperate tropical marine climates continental climates prevailing winds rain shadow seasonal winds monsoons Earth's Axis

With a distinctly continental climate and an enviable location, within touring distance of Canada, New York and Washington DC, the capital city of Massachusetts is one of the ‘must visit’ cities on America’s east coast and below are our top 10 things to do in Boston

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Life on the edge: How forest fragmentation is impacting on amphibian and reptile species

#SPG Life on the edge: How forest fragmentation is impacting on amphibian and reptile species

Berlin Travel Guide: A city of fine contrasts, where history meets modernism, Berlin has always been a top tourist attraction not only for European visitors, but for people all around the world.


How Winters Are Changing Throughout the U.S. - You may be waiting until December 21 to celebrate winter but if you’re meteorologically oriented, now is the time to break out the hot chocolate and ugly sweaters. Meteorological winter officially kicked off this week with a bang in California, providing some much-needed rain to start the wet season there.


Fiche de culture : le myrte

Arbres et arbustes - Installer une haie en climat continental

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Clean Energy 101

wind power