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Contemporary quilts

Tommy - you can do this one, right? Green Venus by Helen Howes. Quilt Fest 2015. Contemporary Quilt (UK).

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love this- the stripes, the chevron placement, awesome - blueprint textiles

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Art quilts - Sabi Westoby Oh deze vind ik zo supermooi!!! zou ik ooit aan willen en durven beginnen!! Ph

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Blue Blaze II by Helen Howes. Contemporary Quilt. 2012 Festival of Quilts (UK).

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"Inspired by Klimt" by Janet McCallum. Quilt Fest 2015. Contemporary Quilt (UK).

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Contemporary quilting inspiration

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This would be cool using Ogham to include a meaning... (

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Full Circle by Marianne Mohandes. Art quilt. Quilters' Guild of the British Isles, 2013 Festival of Quilts.

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