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Contemporary Kitchen Timers

GoHome Luxury - LifeStyle | Matryoshka Kitchen Timer Date: 08 Nov 2011 Add a dash of retro flair to your contemporary kitchen. Give this charming nested matryoshka doll a twist and she’ll happily tell you when the babka is toasty hot and your tea is brewed to perfection. Get her all wound up! Durable ivory plastic with a traditional wind-up “ding” timer.

Eva Solo Magnetic Kitchen Timer

Eva+Solo+Magnetic+Kitchen+Timer++-+Magnetic+kitchen+timer+from+Eva+Solo. This+handy+round+metal+timer+can+be+operated+easily+with+one+hand+making+it+simple+to+use+whilst+busy+in+the+kitchen. Simply+place+the+timer+on+the+fridge+of+cooker+hood+and+get+ready+to+cook. Made+from+contemporary+stainless+steel,+the+dial+sits+on+a+black+magentic+base. We+love+Eva+Solo's+philosophy+of+every+product+being+based+on+a+an+excellent+idea+that+functionally+enhances+the+modern+home.

Funkpopart offers Scandi style home accessories, lights and clocks for Scandinavian styled homes with free UK delivery. This scandi plastic wall clock is a great example of retro functionality and design. Incorporating a clock, timer and thermometer this would work well in any kitchen no matter wether it is retro or contemporary in design. A simple piece with a great impact on the wall.

Beak the Clock Kitchen Timer contemporary-timers-thermometers-and-scales