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Contemporary Chinaware

Ai Weiwei, Nine Coloured Pots, 2006. pots are beautifully colored in contrasting bright colors but some of the base colours of pots are very soft and not high toned.

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Artist Ai Weiwei @Large on Alcatraz

Artist Ai Weiwei @Large on Alcatraz |


I really like Ai Weiwei's idea of converging contemporary art with prehistoric art.


Sunflower Seeds by Ai Weiwei: More than 100 million individually made porcelain "sunflowers" have been spread across the east end of the Turbine Hall at the Tate Modern for visitors to touch, walk on and listen to.


Wang Ruilin’s Soulful Animal Sculptures His equine pieces are a bit more inward looking, with the horses often standing as direct representations of himself.

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Superb rare shelley vogue shape chevron handle coffee cup & saucer a/f

SUPERB RARE SHELLEY VOGUE SHAPE CHEVRON HANDLE COFFEE CUP & SAUCER A/F in Pottery, Porcelain & Glass, Porcelain/ China, Shelley, Tableware | eBay

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Matsui Kôsei, Japan

1927 Born in Nagano Prefecture 1952 Graduated from the department of literature of Meiji University 1957 Became the 24th head priest of Gesshô-ji Temple 1960 Built a kiln at Gesshô-ji Temple Studied ancient Chinese, Korean, and Japanese pottery and made facsimiles of such items; researched Neriage technique and made trial items 1967 Studied under Tamura Kôichi, receiving guidance in Neriage technique 1971 Became a member of Japan Crafts Society 1974 “Kôsei Matsui Tôji Sakuhinshû”…


A pair of Chinese ceramic coasters decorated with a contemporary landscape scene with fields in greens, black and red with a yellow sun and blue birds.

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Lessons From an Artist

Ai Weiwei Neolithic vase (5000-3000 BC) with the Coca-Cola logo painted.

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Stylish and delicate tea sets by Heinrich Wang

Stylish and delicate tea sets by Heinrich Wang porcelan-tea-set1 shown at La Triennale di Milano, beautiful contemporary creation. the Chinese philosophy legends and symbols and they all inspire inner peace. figuring fine line