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The Democratic Party of Japan in Power :: <P>When the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) came to power in September 2009, Japanese citizens expected the imminent arrival of a new political era, characterized by a two-party system. However, in addition to the triple disasters of March 2011, the DPJ faced numerous difficulties arising from its controversial policies and massive party defections following the government’s consumption tax hike legislation. The DPJ fell from power followin...

Manage the money for the first time when facing the real world and make your life comfortable. What you need to know are: 1. Must learn the art of postpone immediate consumption of credit card. 2. Must know where you spent most of your money by make financial plan. 3. Make a saving habit as an Emergency Fund. 4. Make a future plan earlier that help in making your life comfortable. 5. Must understand the taxes before your first paycheck.

Tax Reduces Junk Food Consumption in Mexico Says Study #junkfood #fastfood #food #health #foodporn #obesity #burger #nutrition #diet #cake #Movies

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Tax meat to cut methane emissions, say scientists

Tax meat to cut methane emissions, say scientists: Growing population of ruminants such as sheep and cattle is biggest human-related source of the greenhouse gas

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Why Do I Eat When I'm Not Hungry?

Put down that third dinner roll. While we may think we’re hungry, it could be a fake hunger sign throwing off our true appetite.

Thursday 19 November, 2015 NEWS RELEASEVEGAN BUSINESS IS BOOMINGVegan business is booming. That was the message coming out of Westminster yesterday when The Vegan Society hosted a Parliamentary reception to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its Vegan Trademark.MPs, their researchers and advisers heard of the rapid growth of the vegan market and the wide ranging benefits it brings, not least to the UK economy. Their response was one of unequivocal

MSG and Aspartame Are the Two Leading Causes of Central Nervous System Damage in the United States


The Death of the Income Tax: A Progressive Consumption Tax and the Path to Fiscal Reform (Hardcover)

The Death of the Income Tax: A Progressive Consumption Tax and the Path to Fiscal Reform

The 18 Best Places to Retire Overseas - US News - Short but lots of good tidbits of info ***