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Are you concerned by the number of Australians that exceed the recommended daily sugar intake (6-9 teaspoons) everyday? I know we are! Excessive sugar consumption can be associated with fat storage in liver, obesity and type 2 diabetes. Just like Aussie doctor Jo N, we think it's time for the Government to take action and implement a sugar tax. What do you think? Let's all be proactive and do our part to improve the health and wellness of our nation.

Sugary drinks tax 'will benefit children most'

@pascalmeier74 Sugary drinks tax 'will benefit children most' if sugar was cut in the sweetest drinks in response to the tax, levels of tooth decay, obesity and type 2 diabetes would fall, particularly among the high-consumption under-18s. Researchers said the overall effect of the tax - due to start in April 2018 - would be modest but significant. Soft drinks firms say there is no evidence a tax would cut obesity. The tax will be applied depending on the sugar content of drinks, so there…


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Abe Orders Japan’s First Sales-Tax Increase Since ’97: Economy

Difficult problem of solving government deficit without creating deflation - Japan

Cracks are showing in corporate Japan’s support for Abenomics

Cracks are showing in corporate Japan’s support for Abenomics: Business leaders and politicians in Japan are showing signs of wobbling over a symbolic tax rise at the heart of radical plans to restore the country to economic and fiscal health after 2 decades of stagnation. Sales have fallen and consumer confidence has soured since the first of two planned rises in consumption tax in April, leading some to question whether a second leg should go ahead.

'Tampon tax': Australia decides not remove controversial levy

Australia decides not to scrap a tax on feminine hygiene products despite protests, and extends the consumption tax to online shopping.

Tax on sugary foods and drinks backed by World Health Organisation

The World Health Organisation throws its weight behind national governments who tax soft drinks because of their sugar content, saying a 20% price increase lowers consumption.

Sugar tax may be necessary, England's chief medical officer says

It may be necessary to introduce a sugar tax, the chief medical officer for England has suggested. Dame Sally Davies told a committee of MPs that unless the government is strong with food and drink manufacturers, it is unlikely they will resize their products. She said she believes "the research will find sugar is addictive" and that "we may need to introduce a sugar tax". The food industry says it has been working to reduce sugar in products

Tax rise sends Japan’s recovery into reverse

Tax rise sends Japan’s recovery into reverse: A controversial rise in consumption tax has reversed Japan’s economic recovery, plunging the world’s 3rd-largest economy into its biggest contraction since the 2011 tsunami and earthquake. Japan’s total economic output shrank by 1.7% in the 3 months to June, or by 6.8% on an annual basis. A slowdown was expected after an increase in sales tax from 5 to 8% in April. The figures wiped out a 6.1% annualised rise in GDP in the first quarter of the…


The Tories have hamstrung their own obesity strategy

By failing to release a report on reducing sugar consumption, Tories hamstrung their own obesity strategy | Editorials | Voices | The Independent