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The Early Years Institute shares what children learn while playing with blocks!


Next Generation Science Standards << Stop Common Core in Michigan - We were told the standards were only for English and Math. Not true, there will be standards for all subjects before they are through.

PARCC Accessibility Features and Accommodations Manual - The manual will undergo a number of iterations, as data on student performance is collected during PARCC item development research, field testing in spring 2014, and the first operational year of administration in school year 2014-2015. This process will ensure that the accommodations students receive on the PARCC assessments provide a valid reflection of what they know and can do, and do not alter the construct of what is being…


Trauma exposure, resilience, social support, and PTSD construct validity among former prisoners of war. - PubMed - NCBI

The students made their own blueprints and then constructed their creations using blocks during a unit on construction. You will need to prepare paper shaped like the various blocks you have in your classroom.



VALIDITY. MAJOR KINDS OF VALIDITY. Validity: the test measures what is was designed to measure. content validity criterion validity construct validity ...


NCE Practice Question #nceprep: You designed a test that measures military leadership & want to explore other constructs are responsible for leadership, you'd want to use which technique? A. Z scores, B. Factor analysis, C. Pearson Product Moment Correlation, D. Multi-trait Answer: B, FA describes variability btwn variables w/ addit'l factors. Z scores indicate how much a single score varies from the mean. Multi-trait explores construct validity. The PPMC indicates correlation btwn 2…


If you are looking to do a remodel on your home, it is imperative you research your contractor to verify the validity of their license.  We have been in construction and remodeling for over 25 years and it is shocking to us the stories we have heard about contractor scams!  Educating our customers is a …