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Constantine the Great was the first one in the history of the Christian Emperor of Rome.The Christian religion played a major role in the subsequent transformation of religion in Europe.He issued a decree to lay the foundation of the whole social structure in medieval Europe.--Bingo


Constantine I. R. 306-337. Constantine was the 1st Christian emperor. Constantine decided to establish a new Eastern capital representing the integration of the east into the Roman Empire as a whole. He settled on the Greek city of Byzantium, located in strategic spot. The residents spontaneously decided to rename the city Constantinople. Relics of the True Cross & the Rod of Moses protected the city. The Church of the Holy Apostles was built over a temple to Aphrodite. It was the “New…


Car Konstantin, Niš, Serbia. Monument to Emperor Constantine. Niš is one of the oldest cities in the Balkans and Europe, and has from ancient times been considered a gateway between the East and the West. It is also the birthplace of Constantine the Great, the first Christian Emperor and the founder of Constantinople.


Emperor Constantine in the fourth century CE made the capital Constantinepole. Separate emperors ruled from it after his death. Pictured here is a bust of Constantine.

Constantine the Great

Who Was Constantine the Great?: Gold multiple medallion minted in Ticinum, 313 AD. Wt. 39.79 g. Busts of Constantine with Sol Invictus. Cabinet des M