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Constantine, Divine Emperor of the Christian Golden Age by Jonathan Bardill. Save 13 Off!. $86.12. 470 pages. Author: Jonathan Bardill. Publisher: Cambridge University Press; 1 edition (October 31, 2011). Publication: October 31, 2011

Constantine I. R. 306-337. Constantine was the 1st Christian emperor. Constantine decided to establish a new Eastern capital representing the integration of the east into the Roman Empire as a whole. He settled on the Greek city of Byzantium, located in strategic spot. The residents spontaneously decided to rename the city Constantinople. Relics of the True Cross & the Rod of Moses protected the city. The Church of the Holy Apostles was built over a temple to Aphrodite. It was the “New…


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Exaltation of the Holy Cross celebrated in front of the Calvary. On September 14, in the Western and Eastern Christian Churches, Catholics celebrate the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. The Feast was founded in the fourth century, when, according to tradition, the Cross of Christ was discovered by the Emperor Constantine's mother, St. Helena, who built the basilica of the Holy Sepulcher. (click on the link and watch the 3:19 minute video)

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Everything You Need to Know About the Winter Solstice

Aerial view of The Temple Complex at Karnak, Ancient Egypt


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Constantine XI "Paleologos", the last Roman Emperor. In 1453, as Constantinople, abandoned by most of Europe, was falling to Ottoman hordes, he uttered his last words: "The city is fallen but I am still alive?" and joined his men in the desperate fight. Centuries later, in 1834, Ahmed Pasha is said to have presented Tsar Nicholas with a jewel-encrusted sword he claimed was the one that had been pried from Constantine's dead hand

Real Constantine with St. helen. 27 February c. 272 AD – 22 May 337 AD, also known as Constantine I or Saint Constantine, Roman Emperor from 306 to 337 AD. Constantine enacted many administrative, financial, social, and military reforms to strengthen the empire. Saint Helen (c. 250 – c. 330) mother of Constantine, an important figure in the history of Christianity and the world due to her influence on her son and her own contributions in placing Christianity at the heart of Western…


The Battle of Melvin Bridge. "By this Sign you shall conquer."☧ #battleofmelvinbridge #emperorconstantine #constantine #rome #romanempire #chirho #catholic #catholicchurch #catholicism #jesus #jesuschrist #lord #god #christianity #christian #church

Istanbul: Chora Church | The Church of Holy Savior in Chora, while modest in size, is one of the most beautiful Byzantine churches. The original church on this site was built in the early 5th century and stood outside of the 4th century walls of Constantine the Great--hence Chora which refers to its location in the fields. When Theodosius II built his formidable land walls in 413–414, the church became incorporated within the city's defenses, but retained the name...