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External load type is the way in which the external resistance changes over an exercise range of motion (ROM). External resistance can either stay constant reduce or remain the same over the exercise ROM. Free weights involve a reducing external resistance over the exercise ROM. They involve weight inertia at the start of the exercise ROM just weight in the middle and weight less inertia at the end. In other words free weights are hard to get moving but once they are in motion you can make…


Strength is specific in many ways including: 1 Muscle action (eccentric or concentric) 2 Velocity (fast or slow) 3 Range of motion (full or partial) or joint angle 4 Repetition range (maximum strength or muscular endurance) 5 Degree of stability (stable or unstable) 6 External load type (constant load or accommodating resistance) 7 Force vector (vertical or horizontal) 8 Muscle group Even so it is not always clear whether all of these ways in which strength can be specific are independent…

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What Does It Mean When My CV Axles Boots Are Leaking? The constant velocity joint axles of a vehicle are essential parts of the vehicle’s drive train. These axles transfer power from the transmission/transaxle or differentials to the wheels of the vehicle. Besides delivering power the constant velocity joint (CV) of the axle allows for flexibility while driving. Read more at: