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Consoling Quotes

Based on a genuine quotation from the essay 'Old Mortality', "Books were the proper remedy: books of vivid human import, forcing upon their minds the issues, pleasures, busyness, importance and immediacy of that life in which they stand; books of smiling or heroic temper, to excite or to console; books of a large design, shadowing the complexity of that game of consequences to which we all sit down, the hanger-back not least.'


#lds #ashton In times of #hurt and #discouragement, it may be consoling for her and for all of us to recall that no one can do anything permanently to us that will last for #eternity. Only we ourselves can affect our eternal #progression.


A beautiful quote can help you remember every lost loved one. These warm words from the Hallmark Signature are great for consoling a friend suffering a loss.


Remember: Nothing will happen unless decreed by Allah and find peace in that knowledge. More: