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From the “old right” to the alt-right: How the conservative ideology of FDR’s day fueled the rise of Trump

Yes, Donald Trump is a conservative — in some ways, he represents a return to the anti-New Deal right of the

Canadian conservative commentator and climate science denialist Ezra Levant has won his battle with the United Nations to have staff from his media outlet accredited  to cover climate talks starting next week in Morocco.


G.O.P. Governors Face Test in Shift on Ideological Agendas

Republican governors taking their oaths this month have expressed more muted, less-ideological priorities, but are likely to be challenged by conservative lawmakers.

from The Atlantic

Americans: Republicans in General, Democrats in Particular

Americans: Republicans in General, Democrats in Particular., The U.S. is ideologically conservative, but ask voters about specific issues and...


New $1.1 billion hurricane levee proposed for New Orleans East Land Bridge

Global warming is swamping us: Bob Marshall. "WARNING: This column contains science. It might considered inappropriate or offensive by certain members of our congressional delegation and others who call themselves conservative. Ideological discretion is advised."