The Ocean is a Garbage Can ... Verrier's eye-catching rendering depicts objects bobbing in an ocean. The graphic correlates depth to the number collected since the first Coastal Cleanup day in 1986. In an instant, it's easy to see how difficult it is for marine life to survive in that much detritus.

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The Library of Congress The Evolution of the Conservation Movement, 1850-1920 documents the historical formation and cultural foundations of the movement to conserve and protect America's natural heritage, through books, pamphlets, government documents, manuscripts, prints, photographs, and motion picture footage drawn from the collections of the Library of Congress.

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John Burroughs, (April 3, 1837 – March 29, 1921) was an American naturalist and essayist important in the evolution of the U.S. conservation movement.

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The death of an American Mammoth [tree] and the birth of the US conservation movement. || The Guardian

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"​How a monkey helped launch China's conservation movement" -- Click through for a story, more photos, and a video from "CBS News Sunday Morning" about these adorable rare snub-nosed monkeys and how they're changing China's environmental consciousness.

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From dodging bears to dissecting deer doodoo: Life on the front lines of America’s conservation movement -

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