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I mean Mathilda of Flanders, Duchess of Normandy, Queen of England, wife of William the Conqueror. She was born circa 1031 and died circa 1083. She was th...


King Kamehameha (1810-1819): The Black Folks of Hawaii: Muurs of the Western Island; White Southerners, who settled the Hawaiian islands during the 19th Century had a song about the native people which ran, “You may call them Hawaiian, but they look like niggers to me.” Setting aside their bigotry, the Southern settlers hit upon a fact which is studiously ignored by modern anthropologists and historians: the natives of Hawaii were Black people whose ancestral roots extend back to Africa.


A sketch of Jane Seymour by Hans Holbein the Younger || The name Seymour comes from the Old English word "sae," which translates into sea, and "mere," meaning lake or pond. In the Anglo-Saxon community, "Seymour" originated in the Yorkshire, Norfolk, and Suffolk regions. The Seymour family that arrived in England with William the Conqueror are directly John Seymour, Jane's father.


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Jesus Christ, “the Faithful Witness,” “the firstborn from the dead,” and “the Ruler of the kings of the earth.” To him who loves us and who set us free from our sins by means of his own blood— Revelation 1:5 NWT.


Glenda lonely feel like I done had a future - Pray for Glenda and guy get back together for our decease son sake DE'ANDRE who was murder on the street 2010 Dear Jesus Glenda tired of the feeling that her life is meaningless and that she donot matter to anyone Glenda is lonely please forgive Glenda of my sin and bring meaning and fulfillment into her life Glenda surrender �her heart to you and ask that you take control of her life because Glenda fearless confident who she is more than a…