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Wounded Knee Massacre occurred on December 29,1890 near Wounded Knee Creek, South Dakota where nearly 300 Native Americans were killed.


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Kellyanne drops a bomb about some morally superior Congress members’ ‘uninvited’ behavior with women


Daily Prayer: Give me knowledge, so I may have kindness for all

.Knowledge & Kindness

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Who Were the Buffalo Soldiers?

Buffalo Soldiers originally were members of the U.S. 10th Cavalry Regiment of the United States Army, formed on September 21, 1866 at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. The nickname was given to the "Negro Cavalry" by the Native American tribes they fought; the term eventually became synonymous with all of the African-American regiments formed in 1866. "Buffalo Soldiers" were established by Congress as the first peacetime all-black regiments in the regular U.S. Army.


Hillary secretly gave the nod to plan to publish Congress members’ private emails

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Congress members casually compare abortion to slavery, black genocide, and killing puppies

And one woman of color had the perfect response.

Just a starter list ... Trump was very obviously way in over his depth from the very start. Help both him and the rest of the long list of do-nothing, obstructionist Congress members out ... Get out theVote and Vote Blue in November!!


Kellyanne drops a bomb about some morally superior Congress members’ ‘uninvited’ behavior with women | BizPac Review


A phony “Catholic” organization founded by John Podesta used Church leaders to push congress members into accepting President Obama’s Iran Deal.