A sagittal cut of the mouse brain visualized with confocal microscopy. Image by Joshua Breunig.

Quadruple fluorescence image revealing the complexity of the optic fiber layer of a mouse retina. Optic nerve axons and glial cells are stained red and green, respectively while actin in the blood vessel-ensheathing endothelial cells are stained blue. DNA and RNA are in orange. The image was acquired by confocal microscopy. By Thomas Deerinck, NCMIR

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Confocal Microscopy Of Plant Tissue Photograph - Confocal Microscopy Of Plant Tissue Fine Art Print

Bronchiole – confocal microscopy | AnatomyBox

Human fibroblast cells showing cell nuclei (red) and actin protein filaments which make up part of the cytoskeleton (green). Confocal microscopy

In this confocal microscopy image of an adult mouse’s hippocampus by Sandra Dieni of the Institute of Anatomy and Cell Biology at Albert-Ludwigs University in Germany, reactive astroglia (star-shaped cells that support neurons in the brain, here colored pale yellow) have proliferated and enlarged in response to neuronal activity over time.

A rimmed hexagonal snow crystal, under an electron microscope, shows the incredible intricacies and imperfections in its structure that can never be replicated at a molecular level. Image credit: Electron and Confocal Microscopy Laboratory, Agricultural Research Service, U. S. Department of Agriculture.

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