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5 Common Mental Errors That Stop You From Making Good Decisions

"5 Common Mental Errors That Stop You From Making Good Decisions" The Confirmation Bias: "Confirmation bias refers to our tendency to search for and favor information that confirms our beliefs while simultaneously ignoring or devaluing information that contradicts our beliefs."

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Confirmation bias

Episode 011 Personalities,Confirmation Bias

Confirmation bias expert is pretty sure everyone else is suffering from confirmation bias (click thru for source)

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Serial Episode 8: Confirmation Bias FTW

Pitfalls of Thinking: Confirmation Bias (1/2) - Confirmation bias is a tendency to search for, interpret or remember information in a way that confirms preconceptions or working hypotheses. People can reinforce their existing attitudes by selectively collecting new evidence, by interpreting evidence in a biased way or by selectively recalling information from memory.