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Electric Paint Pen 10ml :: Shop

Bare Conductive Paint Pen: Electric paint. Nontoxic, solvent free and water soluble. You, your child can use it to draw circuits, solder components even do repairs. The pen creates a "liquid wire" that will conduct electricity from your power source to a circuit. Works on traditional electronics, plastic, paper, cardboard even textiles and is compatible with conductive thread, PCBs & microcontrollers such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi and FLORA. Conductive when dry. Comes off with soap and water.


Silver conductive pen used to create origami city : Damnthatsinteresting

“Bare,” started as a body paint that conducts electricity. The non-toxic ink transforms skin into a highly conductive surface, providing a low resistance contact between the surface of the skin and an electrode. Possible uses include interacting with electronic circuits through gesture, movement and touch. The ink can be temporarily applied with a brush, stamp or spray.

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Conductive pens from @AgIC_Inc: very shiny! #SXSW