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Get this great activity designed to help your Algebra 2 students understand permutations, combinations, theoretical and experimental probability, independent and dependent events, two-way tables, conditional probability, and compound events at the end of the unit on Probability. There are 12 task cards in the activity.


Teaching Probability Day 8 - Conditional Probability and Two-Way Tables | Slightly Skewed: Perspectives on HS Math


Probability Using a Venn Diagram and Conditional Probability


The mahogany medicine chest contains boxes, bottles and tubes of medications to treat a number of conditions. The chest includes treatments to purge the body by vomiting, by sweating, as well as general purgatives. Other medications include pain relief, plus astringents and stimulants. The chest contains an inventory listing the medications. The chest also includes a set of scales, weights, a pill tile and a spatula. The set was probably used in the home or by a chemist or apothecary.


Discrete Conditional Probabilities on Brilliant, the largest community of math and science problem solvers.

Numbers are astonishing in that they can help us characterize the world as we probably are aware it as intricate conditions. We can measure just about anything in life on the off chance that we truly attempt to.

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Coat probably designed by Elspeth Champcommunal, for Worth London- Utility range, V&A Search the Collections - autumn 1942

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Summerleaze Beach

A breezy 3ft out there this morning, increase to probably 4-5ft in the PM. Winds are moderate and cross shore, SSW, and also increasing with the swell. This morning whilst the conditions are calmer most beaches summerleaze and Widemouth are looking good, this evening though it'll have to be a late one on that incoming tide at Summerleaze for some shelter. HIGH - 10:58 (6.0m) + 23:21 (6.3m) LOW - 04:44 + 17:10 Check out our full surf report, live webcams, and 7-day forecast at www.zum