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Basic Bricklaying and Cement Mixing for Beginners

Bricklaying for beginners. Lesson 1 - Tools to buy, mixing cement and basic brickwork (DIY/Home improvement)

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This person is a genius ;) I made midnight memories after a One Direction concert, unfortunately they weren't THOSE KIND of memories ;) we just walked around near Wembley Stadium for like 2 hours and stalked the tour bus' because our car park was blocked up ;) fun times :p

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I remember at the concert when they opened for 1D (i was there) and luke was right near me and his sweat fell on my nose and I was crying

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Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson live it up in VIP area at Glastonbury

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HALLELUJAH IM SAVED except they aren't going to be anywhere near me! :(

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This is very sad but very true. Spread the word you guys!!>>Ouch. That's stung. But it's true.<<I'm crying now>>wow.....yeah I'm crying now<>I've always said, "words will never make me cry, nor put me down and loose sleep, but i think i was wrong, the truth hurts...

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30 Day Beatles Challenge Day 13 - 5 Things you would change about The Beatles: To have all of them alive Be slightly closer to our time so people today would know who they would be That they lived near me (City/Country) To not let them live such hard lives (off stage) I can’t think of 5 completely different answers, what happened back the d who they were, was themselves… And I like that :)

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