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the whole idea of black head to toe and the ripped jeans and the work boots stand out and literally tells the audience that its indie.


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Band Member One-Shot Requests [Closed] - The start of something new ~ Josh Franceschi [Camen_Happines]

my Mother gads been hazily influenced by music in her life and i feel i have grown up the same way. there are definitely certain songs that i can associate with certain memories . since i was 13 i have been attending concerts and nothing beats the feeling of feeling the bass in your chest and your ears ringing. Finding new music and following my favourites is definitely something i'm passionate about.

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Kate Tempest: ‘We live in crazy times. You can’t tell a story without it feeling political’

Kate Tempest. You can slave all day and you’re coming up with nothing, and then suddenly one tiny little thing happens and it’s like you understand.


#theboxer In the clearing stands a boxer, And a fighter by his trade #bridgeovertroubledwaters Sail on silvergirl, Sail on by. Your time has come to shine. All your dreams are on their way.


Don't trust anyone. On pain of death, it's for your safety. You may be asking why, and I'll tell you. Your government wants you dead. They know what you are. They know how you work. Do not, I repeat, do NOT, under any circumstance, leave your home after dark, and do not open your door to anyone, even your friends.