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This would be a great poster to hang in a classroom as part of walls that teach! Prepositions are something that may be a little abstract for students to understand, but this is a great visual representation of what they are. This could work both on visual representation and skill within language arts. Students could then make up their own poster for another type of word, such as a verb.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Science Journal: Density Triangle Foldable Completed

Not only does this foldable provide all variations of the formula involving Mass, Volume and Density, but the foldout part already has the definitions filled in for you. A GREAT piece to add into a journal to help students with vocabulary and with the understanding of the mathematics involved in calculating density.


Punctuation Social Personalities. I am - without a doubt! Second option would be ... I use it often enough when writing... <--- yeah, totally didn't mean to use it there! lol

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28 Beautiful Words The English Language Should Steal