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hey! how are you, guys?? i have missed pinterest so much. omg. you guys have no idea. i can't believe it's been over a month since i posted. seriously, it makes me sad that i missed one of my best friends birthday, so i'll be making a post especially for her. i have so much to tell you, so much to rant about, but i'll do that later. tell me, how are you guys?? *gets no comments, because all my followers are ghosts* // @xBraveNewWorldx

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STAR WARS + SLEEPING AT LAST I didn't know anyone else really listened to that!!!!

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equanimity \ ee-kwuh-NIM-i-tee, ek-wuh- \ , noun; 1. mental or emotional stability or composure, especially under tension or strain; calmness; equilibrium.

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balance and composure lyrics.

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