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Comfrey: use under fruit trees (deep roots mine minerals, feed leaves to critters and chop and mulch, make a compost tea to spray on orchard.

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How To Make And Use Compost Tea – The Ultimate Organic Fertilizer

Compost tea is the perfect way to boost your plants growth and obtain higher yields – NATURALLY. We use compost (composting 101) and cover crops (planting cover crops) for building great soil structure and vitality - AND we boost plants during the growing season with a simple homemade natural liquid fertilizer on our plants called compost tea.

Compost tea for indoor plants Put eggshells, coffee grounds, and tea bags into a jar. Add water and wait one week. Strain out the shells and grounds, then feed your plants!


How to Make Compost Tea | For the best flowers and vegetables you have ever grown | all natural organic fertilizer for free | Sunny Simple Life

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Comfrey for compost: The superfood for plants

Every gardener shouId grow some comfrey, says Monty Don. It makes great mulch, the richest compost - and it's also a terrific slug deterrent...


Compost_Educational_tea_ Compost Tea Infographic, "BioDynamic" method with Vortex Brewer. Not a "biodynamic" believer but I do think increased microbial and fungal activity makes soil better.

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Tomatoes and their need for water

Drill holes in a trash can and partially bury in the ground. Add compost, then keep enough water in the can to make compost tea for the tomato plants.

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Compost Tea - What It Is, How to Make It, and the Benefits

As the summer hits its peak your garden may be in need of a little boost. Compost tea is the perfect way to water your plants and add nutrients at the same time!


Comfrey is a perennial herb with beautiful, bell-shaped flowers and large leaves. Here is why comfrey is making its way into every permaculture garden and how you can take advantage of it.