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34 oz. Compost Accelerator

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Compost Accelerator Recipe

compost accelerator recipe: in a 5 gallon bucket add one gallon of warm water, 1 can of flat warm beer, 1 can of flat warm cola and 1/2 c amonia. mix well and pour over compost pile top with 2-3 scoops of soil. toss & mix. Can be added once a week.

Urine: if it is older than 24 hrs, urea converts to ammonia and it must be dumped into compost, not in garden area -Dilute one part urine to 10-15 parts water for application on plants in the growth stage. Dilute in 30-50 parts water for use on pot plants, which are much more sensitive to fertilisers of any kind. -applying urine to growing vegetables once every week for at least two months will more than double the yield.