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Porridge oat biscuits (healthy B)


Try This Healthy Version Of Fully Loaded Potatoes

Sweet potato - Voted best nutritional vegetable of 2015 accompanied by pinto beans and more. Great source of vegetable protein, fibre and complex carbohydrate.

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15 ways superfood spirulina will surprise you

Spirulina, a blue-green algae, is a nutrient-dense superfood brimming with a rich supply of protein, complex carbohydrates, iron, and vitamins A, K, and B complex. It’s also a very powerful antioxidant with potent anti-aging and anti-cancer properties. Commonly available in powder form, spirulina has a slight seaweed taste but you won’t notice it in your favorite fruit smoothie!


Healthy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Breakfast Cookies- 1 bowl and 10 minutes is all you'll need for these chewy cookies- Gluten Free, High in protein + Vegan option! @thebigmansworld

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Good Foods - Low -Glycemic & Bad Foods - High -Glycemic

Surprisingly, on this scale, complex carbohydrate foods such as Shredded Wheat…

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Oven Roasted Sweet Potato Fries

Healthy sweet potato fries that are baked in oven. Less in fat and loaded with complex carbohydrates, dietary fibers and vitamin A


You may recognize and be following most of these tips, although reinforcing knowledge never does any damage. I believe avoiding refined foods could be the first step for you to lose weight. They could taste excellent, but ready-made foods contain very little vitamins and minerals, making you eat more simply to have enough vitality to get through the day. Should you be constantly having these foods, moving over to whole grain products and other complex carbohydrates will let you have more…


fat-and-glycemic-index-the-myth-of-complex-carbohydrates/ So: eat fatty meats, eat eggs, eat avocados. Cook with butter, tallow, and coconut oil, and perhaps some extra-virgin olive oil for taste. And if you absolutely must eat candy in the form of bread, cereal, or potatoes, eat them with plenty of butter, olive oil, cream, and whole milk. - The primary driver of glycemic index is fat content. The more fat, the slower the sugars (‘carbohydrates’) are digested, and the lower the glycemic…

People with hypoglycemia need to use high fiber, complex carbohydrate and high protein foods in smaller, more frequent meals and snacks.