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Negotiating Territoriality :: This edited collection disrupts dominant narratives about space, states, and borders, bringing comparative ethnographic and geographic scholarship in conversation with one another to illuminate the varied ways in which space becomes socialized via political, economic, and cognitive appropriation. Societies must, first and foremost, do more than wrangle over ownership and land rights — they must dwell in space. Yet, historically the interactions between...

Politics of Segmentation :: <P>When political parties make policy decisions they are influenced by the competition they face from other parties. This book examines how party competition and party systems affect reforms of social protection. Featuring a historical comparison of Italy and Germany post-1945, the book shows how a high number of parties and ideological polarisation lead to fragmented and unequal social benefits.</P> <P></P> <P>Utilising a comparative approach, the autho...

Philosophies of Multiculturalism :: <P>This edited collection offers a comparative approach to the topic of multiculturalism, including different authors with contrasting arguments from different philosophical traditions and ideologies. It puts together perspectives that have been largely neglected as valid normative ways to address the political and moral questions that arise from the coexistence of different cultures in the same geographical space. The essays in this volume cover...

PRECOLONIAL BLACK AFRICA: A Comparative Study of the Political and Social Systems of Europe and Black Africa, from Antiquity to the Formation of Modern States


Essential Readings in Comparative Politics (Paperback)

Essential Readings in Comparative Politics


The Good Society: An Introduction to Comparative Politics (Paperback)

The Good Society: An Introduction to Comparative Politics

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Three ways of thinking about what it means to be a strong leader

Comparative Confidence in Political Leaders and U.S. Presidntial Candidates on their International Rule