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Common phrases to help you speak politely on the telephone in English. - learn English,vocabulary

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Already knew these... but I thought I would share my love for the German language with everyone :)

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There's a pin from a blog that lists a lot of Korean words commonly used in Kpop, but it was very hard to read. I just made it easier. The original was at

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50 Common French Phrases Every French Learner Should Know

Learn 50 Casual, Everyday French Phrases You Oughta Know. Example: Quoi de neuf? What's new? Super Useful for French Learners. (+a PDF bonus). Do not hesitate to repin

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Italian Language Poster - Greetings and Common Phrases, Bilingual Chart for Classroom and Playroom Long Bridge Publishing,

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Latin Phrases You should add No ne tangere! (Don't touch me) And Amo servue (love slave)

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61 Common Spanish Phrases to Use With Kids - A Printable List

Parents of my students often ask me how they can start speaking Spanish with their children at home. Most of them have studied Spanish at some point and are comfortable reading and pronouncing the language, but do not have enough fluency or vocabulary to use it naturally. I encourage them to do the take-home activities I provide, to read picture books, listen to music and sing with their children. I also provide them with common Spanish phrases that they can use in everyday situations with…

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