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Commen Sense

- ̗̀ smell the roses ̖́-

from Sense & Sensibility Patterns

Extant Early Regency Gown

This is an original gown from the early Regency, accented with a delicate tulle overlay and featuring slim sleeves. The original garment is in the Kyoto Museum collection.


Exactly! Unfortunately some "women" are still being manipulated, fooled, and played. I'm proud to say I am no longer in that way of life. It's amusing to sit back and watch the unfortunates continuing to be played because the irony is, it's their choice to stay weak. So blessed and thankful for the life I live today ❤️ I'm stronger today then I have ever been.


What I wish young women understood, we are beautiful they way we are, each unique.

from Attainable Sustainable

Basic Survival Skills for Living a Good Life

Survival Skills for Living a Good Life. We've lost a lot of the skills that were once commonplace. Don't you think it's time we reversed that?:


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