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Free Comma Worksheet. Commas are used to separate things in a list. Example: I like to walk, run, and play sports. Read each sentence. Add commas to separate the things in the list.Brought to you by Have Fun Teaching!


Commas in a Series turned out to be a tricky grammar skill for my firsties, so this new *FREEBIE* was created!Students need to read each sentence and decided if the commas are used correctly or incorrectly. Then, they can complete the recording sheet by highlighting the correct sentences based on the sorting activity they just completed.Enjoy this FREEBIE and I hope it helps your students find much success with this skill! =)

Every unit is all ninja, all the time. Ninja jokes, ninja facts, ninja stories. Students will have a riot of a time learning about Commas in a Series! FREE POWERPOINT by Created for Learning


This freebie anchor chart set, one colored, one more ink friendly, and one black and white, will be a great visual for your students to remember to use commas when separating and listing words in a series. DOWNLOADED