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Photo (The Good Vibe)

How I get through life. They wonder why I sleep so much. Why I love it so much. And then nightmares come but even then sleep is still better than living.


No matter how crazy he is. No matter how nuts I get. He stays with me and I him. That is just a moment of darkness. No matter what obstacles come our way. We're better together. We're stronger together. It's called Love.


Fuck yeah I miss you. But then again, today's the first day in almost two weeks I finally feel fucking okay! Come back to me now, its time to come home; I've learned my lesson. - Steph


Eerily accurate. I know you're depressed and confused. One might even say "lost and confused". I'm here. I'm staying strong. Jump. I'll catch you. I'll never leave you, and we will find happiness in each other. I love you, dick squirt. Come home. Not come home physically, but emotionally. I love you and we can show each other a life that makes sense. It will just take trying. Life makes less sense without each other. I'm sending this directly to you so I know you read it. Let's talk soon…