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Combustion Chamber

Loxton 6 stove uk - At 6kW the Loxton 6 is ideal for the small to medium sized room or simply to provide some secondary heating in a larger room.


Bristol Hercules radial airplane engine - by way of Pete Albrecht's web musings. Looks Like You'd Have to Change Oil Every 10 Minutes.

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Glass Cover Shows Off The Combustion Chamber Of A Motorcycle

Rocket mass heater with a cooktop. The heat riser does not have to be a barrel, but can be built from masonry.

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Bullerjan Stove "Designed By Canadian Lumberjacks"

Bullerjan stove. As the article states, not available in the U.S. /The design is very clever; tubes wrap around the cylindrical combustion chamber, creating a stack effect. They are going to suck in a lot of cold air from the floor and push it out the top, with no moving parts at all. It is missing a flat deck on top that a lot of people use to boil water, but it is going to pump out a lot of heat.