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I know we won't be designing the full character, but it may be an idea to change the hands so that they're wearing different attire depending on which dimension they're in. e.g - In the future, have them wearing a futuristic combat suit with modern gloves on.

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This is the real-time version of the suit. Retopo and UVs done in Maya 2016. Texturing and shading done in Substance Painter. Images from Marmoset Toolbag. Different variations.

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Eve Online - Combat Suit - Concept Art, Andrei Cristea on ArtStation at

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Ironclad. Mobile armoured suits of outstanding firepower, they perform reconnaissance in hostile environments, security in sub-orbital cities and limited military action dependant on the owner species' own territory and demands. There is a supply rivalry between two commercial entities for control of the Ironclad market; the Kohol Organization and the Yugol-Marr Corporation.

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I love the helmet and the style of the concept art here, the small colour splashes really stand out, he has a badass vibe

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