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MicroFlyer, a Microelectronic Aerial Vehicle ( MAV ) over 20-years ago was upgraded with micro-robotic aerial flying insects ( mosquitoes, preying mantis, etc. ), bats, birds and ground-based small reptiles ( scorpions, crabs, snakes, etc. ) used on today's 21st century warfighter battlefields. Report:

10 Futuristic Weapons You Won't Believe Are Actually Real

"Futuristic Weapons That You Won't Believe Are Real" this article shows drones that have been used, which gives an eye into what could be created with this technology in the future? (buzzfeed, 2013)

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Sort of more realistic and intimidating armor than Halo USNC soldiers (or a sick paintball mask lol)

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Combat Armour rendered by Theodoric Sacron in KeyShot. Via:,7831.0.html Aweosme scifi armour I plan to take inspiration from when creating a larger enemy in my game

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Watch this huge combat robot play with real cars for fun

Watch this huge combat robot play with real cars for fun – BGR

This is the real-time version of the suit. Retopo and UVs done in Maya 2016. Texturing and shading done in Substance Painter. Images from Marmoset Toolbag. Different variations.

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Build Your Own Combat Robot

The Archmage generally frowns upon rouge magical constructs, but he let this one alone. By Jason Chan stone man golem people

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