Aerotenna Launched the World’s Smallest Collision Avoidance System for UAVs - Commercial UAV News

Sept. 20, 2016 NASA-Developed Collision Avoidance System Saves Unconscious F-16 Pilot In Fourth Confirmed Rescue

Vigilant Aerospace has completed successful beyond lineof-sight flight testing of its new FlightHorizon detect-and-avoid collision avoidance system for unmanned aircraft at NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center in Edwards, California. The tests demonstrated the system’s ability to provide beyond line-of-sight flight safety for both small and mid-sized unmanned aircraft to help comply with FAA regulations and …

"This video, recently declassified, shows the heads-up-display, or HUD, of an in which the student pilot experienced a g-induced loss of consciousness. The pilot credits the Automatic Ground Collision Avoidance System, developed in-part by NASA, with

Always expect the unexpected - nowhere is this more evident than in urban traffic. That's why the advanced low-speed collision avoidance system City Safety comes standard in your Volvo. Utilizing laser technology and active up to 31 mph, this high-precision system keeps a lookout on the road ahead. If a vehicle suddenly brakes in front of you, City Safety will intervene and brake automatically to help avoid or mitigate a collision.

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ACAS module (Autonomous Collision Avoidance System). The preliminary results in a closed environment (warehouse) The video has two parts, the first one is a test…

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