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1959 Cadillac Cyclone: This rocket-styled roadster included a crash-avoidance system that used radar sensors mounted in the car's nosecones.


Zaon PCAS XRX-A ONYX Portable Collision Avoidance by Zaon. Save 11 Off!. $1325.00. Traffic awareness is everyone's concern, but so has been the cost of traffic systems, until now. PCAS XRX is the first ever portable, passive, stand-alone collision avoidance system for general aviation to offer direction from within the cockpit. PCAS, or Portable Collision Avoidance System, is Zaon's solution for providing high-quality, low cost traffic information to the general aviation pilot....

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DJI Adds Collision Avoidance System to Phantom 4 Drone

The Phantom 4 is faster and sleeker than its predecessor, with collision avoidance and improved 4K video.


Alenia claims success in UAV sense-and-avoid tests | Italy’s Alenia Aermacchi has successfully validated a sense-and-avoid system designed to allow the integration of unmanned air vehicles into civil airspace.

The Tel-Instruments (TIC) TR-220 (Tel-Instruments (TIC) TR-220) provides test functionality for TCAS or Traffic and Collision Avoidance Systems, DME or Distance Measuring Equipment and Modes A, C, and S Transponders.

The aircraft [HK-4455] was landing in Santa Marta after a flight from Cali when it skidded off the runway, broke through the perimeter fence, and slid into the sea while landing in heavy rain. Six of the 54 aboard were injured, none seriously.


Aerialtronics pushes forward the agenda of safe flight operations for small commercial UAVs and RPAS, developing a novel Collision Avoidance System (CAS), while implementing its Intelligent Transport System (ITS) and “virtual fence” technology as well as adhering to the “Know Before You Fly Drones” campaign.

Top car manufacturers in USA have agreed on standardizing Collision Avoidance System by 2022 to enhance safety features. Read our blog to know more. $1599 AirDog The Action Sports Drone: Camera & Photo Dedicated flight mode for every action sport With AirLeash (a wearable, waterproof controller) maintain full focus on the action itself Ground Collision Avoidance system on board Foldable, easily fits in a back pack Top speed of 44mph Wind resistance of 28 knots Includes: AirDog drone, AirLeash (wearable controller), propellers, smart battery, charger