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Joel Klatt, the former Colorado quarterback and current FOX college football analyst, made an appearance on the Colin Cowherd show and shared what he calle


Cowherd no longer on ESPN air after comments

Colin Cowherd no longer on ESPN air after comments about Dominican baseball players that many thought to be racially motivated.


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Colin Cowherd isn't buying the Dak Prescott hype: 'Saw nothing' from the rookie QB's debut

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Colin Cowherd doesn't think highly of Kirk Cousins

Jamie Oakes, 247 Sports In the past, Colin Cowherd has had a vitriolic relationship with the Washington Redskins fanbase. No need to rehash his inconsiderate comments toward toward one of the Redskins most-beloved players of all time, the late Sean Taylor. Cowherd has set his sights on ranking NFL quarterbacks into tiers, five tiers to be exact. The five categories went as follows: Stars in their prime, stars out of their prime, close but not stars, could be stars and fools gold. Certainly, a case could be made for Kirk Cousins in any of the three final categories considering the mixed bag of his career thus far. For Cowherd, Cousins ranks as ‘Fools Gold.’ Keep reading...

Colin Cowherd is my favorite personality at ESPN. He is not afraid to have an unpopular opinion and shed light on the topics that most people tend to shy away. He also comes from a small town next to a major urban community, so I find a personal connection there as well.


A.J. Hawk Defends Aaron Roders to Colin Cowherd -- Colin Cowherd wonders if Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers deserves more criticism. Former teammate A.J. Hawk leaps to Rodgers' defense.

This kind of reminds me of a picture my dad took of my mum at a beach back in the 80s...❤️

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Colin Cowherd Is Mad We Didn't Run His Full Racist Musings, So Here

Colin Cowherd, a sock a teenage boy keeps under his mattress, is irritated. Yesterday, he said racist shit about how stupid and uneducated Dominicans are on his radio show. He feels that we took those comments out of context in a post we ran yesterday.